Production Flex and Rigid-flex PCBs.

High-quality domestic (USA) & international (China) flex circuit production.


Single/Double-sided Flex Circuit

Single/Double Layered Flex Circuit

Typically, with most other domestic flex and rigid-flex companies in the United States, they will only be able to provide you with prototyping quantities. After you have finalized your design with the competition, you will then have to source an international PCB supplier, usually from China, to start manufacturing your go-to-market large-volume quantities.

With Flex PCB, you have the added-benefit of utilizing our domestic and/or international facilities. Skip the middle man and go straight to the source. Our streamlined process allows you to go from prototype-to-production quantities all under the same roof. It doesn't matter if you are ordering one board or one million, we want to earn your business and become your production flex and rigid-flex circuit manufacturing partner.


HDI Flexible Circuit

Production PCB services include:

Inventory stocking program.

Multilayer Flex Circuit

Mutilayer Flex Circuit

Get domestic JIT (Just in Time) delivery service for your high-volume flex circuit offshore production runs. Purchasing managers no longer have to always try and keep the perfect inventory level with our stocking program. No longer will you have to worry about running out of stock, delays, missed revenue opportunities, or missed shipments. Get the best of two worlds when we manufacture your large-volume flex and rigid-flex circuits offshore, but keep your inventory in our domestic warehouse.

This allows you to get our overseas pricing, but with the convenience of a domestic shipping program tailer-made to your companies specifications that can be changed by a simple email or phone call to our local office in MN.

Submit your Gerber files and quantity through our online quote form or give us a call to learn more about our large-volume flex and rigid-flex PCB production capabilities.

More flex capabilities.

Flexible Coil
Flexible Coil
Flexible Heater
Flexible heater
Heavy Copper Flex Circuit
Heavy Copper Flex Circuit
Flex Graphic Overlay
Flex Graphic Overlay