Vendor Terms and Conditions.

1. Our terms and conditions cover both our quality management system and our interested parties.

2. Requirements to External Providers (Vendors) of products and services:

  1. The Vendor to follow ITAR compliance of Purchase Order (PO) information including electronic files. 
  2. The Vendor to adhere to any specified material, component, and service specifications described in the PO.
  3. The Vendor to provide a Certificate of Conformance with the release of product.
    1. Certificate of Conformance shall include appropriate test data.
  4. The Vendor to have qualified and competent persons to provide products and services.
  5. The Vendor agrees to follow designated communication protocols i.e. Emails, Fax, etc.
  6. The Vendor agrees to use PO designated approved external providers, including component sources and processes.
  7. Disposition for all records are held for 7 years. This includes all Quality records related to the Purchase Order.
  8. The Vendor agrees to implement a Quality Management System that:
    1. Flows down to external providers applicable requirements per the PO.
    2. Integrates in process and final inspection verification or validation of products and services.
    3. Identifies critical items, key characteristics or special process as required by the PO.
    4. Prevents the use of counterfeit components and materials.
    5. Notifies the Purchasing Contact of any changes in the processor products and services as required in the PO.
    6. Notifies the Purchasing Contact of non-conformances of products and obtain an approval for their disposition.
    7. Provides test specimens for non-design approval, inspection/verification investigations or auditing.
  9. The Vendor agrees Outroar LLC, their Customer, and any Regulatory Authority shall have right of access to the applicable areas of facilities at any level of the supply chain involved in the order and all applicable records.
  10. The Vendor shall notify Outroar LLC of any Process/Product/Supplier/Facility Changes which may affect the purchased product.
  11. The Vendor shall notify Outroar LLC of any Non-Conforming Process/Product found which may affect the performance or quality of the purchased product as received.
  12. The Vendor agrees to evaluation on a yearly basis, through the use of a vendor score card.
  13. The Vendor ensures that persons are aware of contribution to products and services, product safety and the importance of ethical behavior.

Capabilties of Flexible PCB manufacturing both in the USA and offshore depending on customer requirements.