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Prototype rigid-flex and flex PCB fabrication & manufacturing.

We are your one-stop USA PCB supplier for rigid-flex and flex PCBs. We are a high quality quick turn prototype flex and rigid-flex PCB manufacturer. Please call or submit your Gerbers/specs today for a fast and secure quote.

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Flex Circuits.

Learn more about our prototype and production flexible and rigid-flex PCB fabrication services. Get low-to-high volume rigid-flex, and flex PCB quantities manufactured with industry leading quick turnaround times for rigid-flex and high density interconnects (HDI) PCBs. We pride ourselves on on-time delivery. Let us know how we can help with your next mission-critical flex circuit.

PCB services.

  • rigid-flex PCB Rigid-flex PCBs
    High quality rigid-flex printed circuit boards.
  • rigid-flex PCB Flex PCBs
    Fully flexible printed circuit boards for all markets.
  • HDI flex PCB High Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI PCBs)
    Circuits with high reliability and performance.
  • multilayer flex PCB Multilayer Flex Circuits
    Single, double, and multilayer flex and rigid-flex circuits.

Markets served.

  • Medical PCB Medical
    Diagnostic hardware, medical electronics and medical imaging devices.
  • Telecommunications PCB Telecommunications
    High frequency chip carriers and fiber-optic communication products.
  • Industrial and Commercial PCB Industrial & Commercial
    Robotics, consumer electronics and LED lighting applications.
  • Car and Automotive PCB Automotive
    Camera modules, lighting and other automotive electronics (LIDAR).

Highlighted manufacturing capabilities.

As a leading prototype-to-production flexible PCB manufacturer, we have flex and rigid-flex PCB capabilities that other companies can't compete with. As your flexible circuit supplier, you will be able to manufacture boards smaller line trace spaces and micro-vias. Consult with our flex PCB design and engineering services team to help you determine what the optimal technologies are for your project's application. We also offer extremely fast quick turn flex circuit prototyping services. View our full flexible and rigid-flex capabilities or contact us to learn more.

We've got you covered for both prototype and production quantities.

prototype to production flexible and rigid-flex PCBs

With Flex PCB, you skip the PCB brokers and go straight to the source. Start prototyping in our USA facility or directly where your production run will be in China (one of our two Flexible PCB manufacturing facilities in China). This allows you to know what materials and components are most effective during large volume PCB fabrication runs.

It's not just our design and prototype-to-production manufacturing capacity that makes Flex PCB different; our technical, engineering, procurement and customer services gives us a competitive advantage.

Do you need inventory stocking for your flex or rigid-flex PCBs? Get pull and push inventory that meets your specific needs. Order in high volume, but let us manage your inventories with JIT (Just in Time) deliveries.

We also provide flex and rigid-flex PCB assembly services that reduces your vendor count, production delays, and quality issues. From single component to complicated box builds, let Flex PCB do your component sourcing, assembly, and testing.

Example rigid-flex and flex PCBs manufactured by us.

HDI Rigid-flex PCB with Vias
HDI Rigid-flex PCB with Vias
HDI Rigid-Flex PCB
HDI Rigid-Flex PCB
Rigid-Flex PCBs
Rigid-Flex PCBs
4 Layer Flex PCB with Unbonded Wings
4 Layer Flex PCB with Unbonded Wings

What is a Flexible Circuit?

A flexible circuit is a printed circuit board manufactured using substrate that is naturally flexible. Flex circuits are typically manufactured using a polyimide (Kapton) material and one to multiple layers of copper. Popular suppliers of flexible materials are DuPont and Panasonic (we typically stock both). A flexible printed circuit board material will bend without snapping. However, the copper will likely crack if the bend causes a crease. A flexible circuit shouldn't be confused with a very thin "semi-flexible" FR4 board. A thin (<10 mil) FR4 board will flex, but because FR4 is brittle, will eventually snap.

What are the differences between Flex and Rigid boards?

Flexible printed circuit boards are quite different than rigid boards:

What are different types of Flexible PCBs?

There are three classifications of flexible PCBs:

What are benefits of Flex PCBs?

There are many benefits to use a flexible printed circuit board in your application:

We provide Flexible and rigid-flex PCB fabrication in the USA and/or Offshore depending on your requirements.